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Google Obsessed: A Desirable Trait for New Moms and Entrepreneurs

Ah, Google.

If only I had a record of everything I’ve ever typed into that all-too-familiar text bar. From emerging problems to changing life phases to bidding curiosities, Google knows a hell of a lot about me!

I’ve discovered that especially when it comes to new mommyhood, most people I talk to tell me that the absolute worst thing I can do is Google my questions.

I disagree strongly.

Googling Means You Have DRIVE

on-the-roadIn this day and age, if you’re lost, if you don’t have the answers, if you don’t know how to do something, if you want to know something … there’s no excuse for not using what we all have at our disposal!

Picture the world 50 years ago.

When our parents and grandparents had questions, curiosities, problems – there was only one place to go: the library. They’d have to look things up in databases, references and encyclopedias. Wow. Imagine telling today’s impatient, demanding, go-getter-type Millennials that in order to get an answer to one of their questions they’d have to drive (or walk, or take public transit) to the nearest library and look it up using a paper, alphabetical filing system?

Ha! They’d laugh in your face.

And when we think of it this way, we must take advantage of what we have. It takes seconds to Google something. But as simple and convenient as it is, if you do it, it shows you have DRIVE. You want the answer to that question. You need to find out how to do something. You crave access to a world of information at your fingertips.

And that’s a very good thing.

Googling Means You’re RESOURCEFUL

hand-fistAt one of my regular waxing appointments a couple of months ago, I was spilling the beans to my esthetician about my breastfeeding woes. I told her about my lactation consultant. About my little guy’s tongue tie, lip tie and tight jaw. About our visits to the breastfeeding clinic and the osteopath. About it all.

You know what she said?

Good for you for being so resourceful. And I thought to myself, huh. I hadn’t realized that’s what I was doing. When it came to my breastfeeding problems, the only thing going through my mind was, “I am determined to breastfeed my son. I am in excruciating pain. I must fix this and figure it out.”

Where do you think I began the process?


I tapped into the resources at my disposal to find information, to find answers, to find help.

Googling Provides You With INFORMATION

documentsWe can’t make good decisions without good information. Now, granted, everything that pops up in Google’s search results isn’t accurate, valuable and reliable. But it’s information nonetheless. It’s up to you to sift through the clutter, to decide what’s usable and what’s not, and to take everything you come across with a grain of salt.

No one said you have to listen to everything you find through Google. On the contrary. But more information is better than less information. The more informed and educated you are about a particular topic, the better able you’ll be to solve your issues, to figure out the best answers for you and your life, and to put good solutions into action.

Googling Gives You PERSPECTIVE 

eye-glassesSometimes you’ve gotta see what’s out there so you can put any given situation into a little perspective.


“My business is having a dead month.”
Googling tells you that January is, in fact, usually a much slower month in your industry. Now, you stop worrying.

“My six month old doesn’t like to nap.”
Googling tells you that so many other parents have babies who not only don’t like to nap, but sleep only a couple hours at night! Now, instead of feeling annoyed, you feel lucky.

“I need help with my new CRM software system.”
Googling helps you find a website that walks you step-by-step through the exact issues you’re facing. Now, you understand.

“I don’t want to feed my baby rice cereal as a first food.”
Googling tells you that other moms feel the same way and actually feed their babies a host of other foods (arguably better foods) before ever introducing rice cereal. Now, you discover the world of “superfoods” for your baby.

Ahhh. That feels better. Google put my concerns into perspective.

So You’re a Googler … And That’s a Very Good Thing

Especially if you’re a mom.

Or an entrepreneur.

Or both.

Here’s why:

A Googler is a good mom because…

  1. She cares.
  2. She puts in the effort.
  3. She has a thirst to learn.
  4. She finds answers to her questions.
  5. She takes it upon herself to research and gather ideas.
  6. She understands that motherhood is a constantly evolving process.
  7. She’s determined to do what’s best for her child.
  8. She acknowledges the fact that the only way for her to make the best decisions is to make sure she’s well informed.
  9. She’s not afraid to expand her horizons and challenge the norm.
  10. She doesn’t say, “I don’t know” but rather, “Here’s what I know”.

A Googler is a good entrepreneur because…

  1. She’s curious.
  2. She’s driven.
  3. She’s anything but lazy.
  4. She enjoys learning and expanding her knowledge base.
  5. She is fast and efficient.
  6. She remembers that much of what she’s accomplished has been self-taught.
  7. She understands that entrepreneurship is about continuous personal development.
  8. She invests her time in education – in herself.
  9. She acknowledges the fact that her business, her industry, her world is constantly changing.
  10. She doesn’t say, “That’s something I’ve been meaning to do…” but rather, “I’m in the process of completing that task”.


Are you Google obsessed?

Good for you, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

How does it make you a better mom and entrepreneur?

Figuring Out What Baby Wants

It’s just like figuring out what your clients want!

Oh, except that your baby can’t talk, or pay you for your time, or give you pointers, or guide you in any way, shape or form.

So what is a mother to do?

Throw away the books.
STOP yourself from typing into Google (yeah, right).
Smile and nod when people give you advice.
Halt the mad obsession with figuring it all out.


Who Is My Baby and What Does My Baby Want?

For the first three months of Prince Brody’s life, these are the questions I was asking myself – amidst excruciating breastfeeding pain and a wacked-out sleeping schedule. As a new mom, I was quickly thrown into a life I knew NOTHING about!

Call my little guy particular. Call him demanding. Call him fussy. Any word will do. The truth is, he wasn’t – and isn’t – easy to figure out. Not then, not now. I know some moms will claim that within a few weeks they had their babies all figured out. Okay, sure. Maybe. Ask them if they still have those babies figured out at 2 months. 3 months. 4 months.

Our little ones are constantly changing and growing up. What one day brings, the next day doesn’t. And just as soon as we think we’ve cracked the baby code, they change again.

Trying to Figure Out Your Baby is Like Trying to Figure Out Your Most Misfit Client

You know that client who you just never “clicked” with? The one who constantly changed his mind throughout the course of the project? The one who couldn’t explain herself well? The one who, no matter how hard you tried, you simply couldn’t “get”?

Take yourself back to that experience. If you’re anything like me, you eventually said to yourself, “I’m never going to be able to please this client. This is never going to be a smooth working relationship. I’m just not the right person for this job.”

And those statements may just apply to you and your baby!

Think about it…

There will be times when you say to yourself, “I can’t please this guy!”
There will be times when you say to yourself, “This is anything but a smooth relationship.”
But, there most certainly WON’T be times when you say to yourself, “I’m just not the right person for this job.”

Quite the contrary because you’re always the right person for the job. In fact, you’re the only person for the job. Even when it’s hard. Even when it feels impossible. Even when you’re holding on by a thread. There’s no one better. You’re it mama.

Why You Don’t Need to Figure Your Baby Out

Forget about figuring out your baby. You don’t need to. Because you’ve got something way better than some magic equation to solve all your problems – it’s called Motherly Instinct.

Sure, at one time or another, whether we’re consciously trying to figure out our babies or not, as moms we’ll think we’ve done it. We’ve cracked the code! We’ve got the answer! And then the next thing we know, everything is different again. The process starts over. We’ve come around full circle.


Cut it out! Stop trying. Have fun with the fact that your little one is a total mystery. Run with your instincts instead. If you’re trying out something new and it just doesn’t feel quite right, stop. If your little one “usually” does things a certain way but today it’s the total opposite, laugh it off, adjust, roll with the punches. Don’t get your panties in a knot! Get used to it. Things are inevitably going to change a million times over and you’ve got a looooong time to go, Mama.

There’s nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like a mother’s instinct. But you’ve gotta use it.

Take a Lesson from Your Motherly Instinct and Get a Little Business Instinct

I think most of us take our instincts for granted. Or, if you’re anything like me, you have great instincts but you don’t listen when they come a knockin’!

Change that. In every part of your world. You’ll be happy you did.

Sleep training just not feeling like the right answer for your baby? Put an end to it.
Does that new lead sound like an absolute nightmare? Don’t move forward.
Think your little one is sick? Make a move.
Feel like now is the time to bring a new product to market? Do it.

Instinct is a powerful thing.

So forget about figuring it out.

Follow your gut instead.